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Provenance Farms

Assorted FLAT of Eggs (2.5 doz.) - Regenerative

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How Many Eggs?

There are 30 eggs in a flat. That's two and a half dozen.


What's an 'Assorted Flat'?

Your flat will have an assortment of Jumbo, Extra-Large, Large, and Medium eggs.

But the ratios will change as the hens grow older! From May till about June your eggs will be mostly Large with some XL and the occasional Jumbo. 

By about July the hens start to produce an almost even ratio of Large and Extra-Large, with many more Jumbo.


"But how do these stack in my fridge??" 

We'll give you egg cartons on your first order that you can re-use for subsequent orders.

Most of our customers purchase at least 2 dozen eggs, and then tell us that they've run out, and also try to return the egg cartons to us to re-use. We can't accept them for health and safety reasons.

By buying a flat, you cut down on the packaging required tremendously, you save a bit on each dozen, and re-using your cartons (that we'll give you) still lets you stack them in your fridge.

Our chickens are outside from early in the morning till just past sunset. 

They actually put themselves to bed.. You know that saying, "when the chickens come home to roost.", well it's true. They actually come home to roost up on their roost bars in their mobile hen home every night.

During the day they eat all the bugs (or snakes, frogs, anything really) they can get a hold of. We planted a fully organic cover crop so they also dine on fresh organic forage.


They get moved! Often!

Their home is moved every few days to a fresh patch of pasture once they've put just enough pressure and fertilizer on the soil to force it into a regeneration cycle.


11% for food banks

Your purchase allows us to donate 11% of all the eggs we produce to food banks in Toronto, Kitchener / Waterloo, and London. 

Thanks for your partnership and support!