RISE Regenerative Farm & Forest Summer Day Camp

July 8 to 26, 2024

For campers having completed grade 1*, up to 15 years of age.

Ages 13 to 15 will join our Leadership program designed specifically for our older campers.

Where can I get all the details?

We've published an extensive Parent & Guardian Guide Book which should answer all of your questions and has our direct contact information in the case you'd just like to call us directly.

Guide Book

We debunk 3 myths

What if you could get your kid to spend an entire day outside, without a single screen and at the end of the day they told you they can’t wait to do it again tomorrow?

AND they passed out the minute you said ‘bedtime!’ and barely even fought you.

What If this went on for and entire week? Which meant you could actually feel productive even though your kids are on summer break.

Myth: Kids have short attention spans (our campers go deep into flow state)

Myth: Counsellors aren't much more than glorified baby-sitters (ours are hired for the extreme sport of generating lifelong memories of exceptional outdoor experiences)

Myth: Parents aren't supposed to stay! (If you can work from home you can work from the farm and enjoy lunch with your camper!)

$65 per day. Co-working included

This includes free access to our co-working space so you can stay the day, have lunch with your child, and even take calls while strolling the farm.

How Deposits Work

$29 per week per child. We'll hold your spot for a week while you complete the registration form. We'll refund the deposit if for any reason you decide not to move forward.

Remainder due July 1st for July camp, August 1st for August camp.

Take an extra $10 off for additional children/week and any friends you refer. Friends you refer will get 10$ off per child per week as well!

Space available?

As long as you're able to add-to-cart and check out, it means there's availability for that week.

Guide Book

'How this regenerative farm works' Mornings

Mornings are planned and designed to meet a few learning objectives.

Your camper will have a lot of opportunity for facilitated exploration of our regenerative enterprises, as well as the forest, ponds, creeks, and riparian spaces.

Our counsellors are keen to pick up on what excites your camper and then ask them probing questions as to how, what, where, when, and why their curiosity has been piqued.

Please see the list of daily themes below that your camper will encounter at any given time, but collecting eggs will certainly be one of them!

Forest School Afternoons

The afternoon at RISE camp is where play meets forest school.

Our counsellors encourage camper-led play and exploration while upholding the six principles of forest school; Leadership, Long-term Thinking, Nature, Community, Risk Assessment & Safe Decision Making, and Holistic Learning.

Leader-In-Training (LIT) Program

Farm and Forest Camp Leadership In Training Program

Join us at Rise Regenerative Farm and Forest Camp for an immersive experience in leadership development program.

Qualifies for your student's volunteer hours.

Designed for motivated youths aged 13 to 15, our program offers hands-on training in essential outdoor skills and mentorship opportunities. 

Details are in the Guide Book.

Guide Book

Work from the farm, have lunch with your kids

We know. We're a bit off the beaten track for most. But if you can work from a Starbucks, you can work from our Farm.

You have your choice of four work spaces;

1. A clean and bright, fully furnished, air-conditioned, office with huge windows, great lighting, white board, TV, couches, wood stove, and dedicated entrance.

2. The bright and open 'Great Room', with 12' ceilings, large fireplace, modern couches, south-facing glass wall with walk out to the rear deck.

3. The rear deck and patio with bar-height table for up to 8, shaded naturally by our large and beautiful 25 year old Silver Maple, adjacent to the orchard and overlooking 'Bass Pond'

4. Finally, back inside, is the closed off conference room, with a beautiful 6' round white granite table. This room can be fully closed off and used to take phone calls or as a meeting room.

So if you want to enjoy lunches with your kids, see what they're learning, avoid driving back and forth, or enjoy a coffee with the hens, then feel free to stay and work from the farm.

Your day will be supported with high-speed Starlink internet, white boards, private conference room, and Breville espresso machine. Parking is on site and ample.

We provide you access to our co-working space free of charge so you can zoom-call in the morning and nature walk at lunch, with your kids!

  • Each Day

    We program many cooperative play and exploration games that will take your camper all over the 46 acres.

    They'll have the opportunity to set up their own trail cameras to see what wildlife passes by at night.

    They'll work through a week-long scavenger hunt to hear, see, and collect all the trees, birds, frogs, insects, even soils and the weather. We'll go so far as to look at microbes they've collected through our microscopes.

    They'll build crafts and presentations on what they've explored. Of course there will be lots of cooperative games built in to each day.

    Every Thursday after camp they (and you!) are invited to a celebration where they can tell you all about their week and we'll enjoy a bit of a party together.

  • Animals Big and Small

    Be an animal investigator: Curiosity drives these activities as campers discover the role of all the creatures on the farm–from insects, baby chickens, hens, turkeys, beavers and even goats. We use problem solving, observation and hands on activities to investigate habitats, learn about animals-their tracks, how they communicate, look after our chicks and more.

  • Power of Plants

    Plants are used for everything from medicine to dye, fuel, & food, Campers will explore the amazing power of plants on the farm. Activities include plant identification, harvesting plants to make our own dye, food, & fibre arts. Campers will learn about regenerative farming practices, ecosystems, ways to combat climate change, reduce pollution and support biodiversity all while having fun!

  • Nature Skills & Wildcraft

    Wildcraft activities will connect your camper with nature and grow their eco-skills. Cook over a fire, learn about maps, wayfinding, identify important plants/animals, build a shelter & make crafts using natural materials, We will explore the woodlot & learn outdoor skills together!

  • Farm Adventure & Discovery

    Get your hands dirty and dive into farm life. Learn how all the parts of the farm work together. Sow seeds, help harvest, build an owl house– A little of everything the farm has to offer Campers will have fun, explore the property and experience regenerative farming at work.

  • Art & Craft on the Farm

    Imagination & creativity inspire these activities focused on farm inspired art. Campers will explore the farm's animals, flora & fauna, with drawing, painting and sculpture. We will find inspiration in our surroundings, study nature and reflect on our experiences using the creative process. Activities culminate in a mini art show.

  • Tomorrow’s Farmers

    Most of the day will be exploring and activities and when it comes time to do chores we'll introduce your campers to how the farm actually works!

    Tomorrow's Farmers

    Learn the roles & responsibilities on a farm, animal care, planting, harvesting, & (age appropriate) tool use.

    Tomorrows Farmers will participate in farm chores & maintenance. See how responsible, sustainable, regenerative  farming can combat climate change.

    Campers will gain hands on experience, and find empowerment in personal choices, building responsible consumption habits & an eco-positive community.

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35 minutes from cambridge. less than an hour from oakville.

Located at 686156 Highway 2, Woodstock, ON., N4S 7V9

Provenance Farms is on Highway 2 between Paris and Woodstock Ontario.

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RISE Camp & Farm Reviews

Safety & Quality

We operating using the Ontario Camp Association's (OCA) list of 600+ standards and are working towards OCA certification

Our staff is hired for their experience leading outdoor adventure tours, have exceptional knowledge of native fauna and flora, are CPR certified and have completed background police checks.

  • Co-Director - Eliana Witchell, R.D., MSc.

    I'm a Regsitered Dietician by trade and terribly motivated to help my clients (and my kids!) understand how and why health and longevity matters, how to achieve it through quality diet and active lifestyle, and practical ways to implement a health-focused mindset.

    My partner Andrew, and I, started Provenance Farms specifically to put our actions behind our words. We're regenerating an old farm, which 65 years ago was a construction site, to show just how simple it is to amplify the carbon cycle to generate incredibly nutrient rich food in a way that doesn't just sustain, but regenerates, the environment.

    Consider us 'ethical omnivores'. It's our goal to help our kids (and yours?) understand the process and give them a chance to discover for themselves the powerful part of the climate change solution they really are.

  • Co-Director - Andrew Witchell

    Andrew is a Technology Executive focused on developing new hardware and software products for healthcare.

    He recently led the team who received FDA clearance for the world’s very first MRI-guided robotic breast-biopsy device in 2023.

    He cares deeply about preventative medicine and sees his work applying regenerative agriculture as some of the most important and engaging efforts towards building solutions for our shared climate change challenge.

    He holds an MBA from Queens (Smith) School of Business, has guest lectured at Queens, McMaster, Ryerson, and has held multiple senior leadership positions in the fields of healthcare and technology.

  • Jessica Shephard - Senior Programming Advisor & Curriculum Development

    A trained artist, educator, facilitator, food enthusiast, and parent of two.

    Since 2008 she has been providing children with safe, fun and enriching experiences in her home & community. She loves making messes and experimenting with art and natural materials, growing and foraging plants, cooking, and spends her free time camping and adventuring outdoors.

    Taking cues from Positive Parenting, Mindfulness, and Non-Violent Communication, Jessica has developed educational support, curriculum content, & hands-on kids programming for organizations including Native Child & Family Services Toronto, The Children's Storefront, Essential Skills Advantage, The Canadian Homeschooler, the Education department of the AGO, Ontario Museum of Archeology, and Arts 4 All Kids.

  • Camp Counsellor Erin

    Erin is a Health Science & Biology student extremely interested in sustainability and the environment and with a passion for understanding the deeper biology of plants and animals.

    She has a love for gardening and being outdoors. She's helped design and run outdoor children's programming and volunteers with the WRDSB school board. 

  • Camp Counsellor Alanna

    Bilingual (English / French) and working towards an Honours Double Degree in French and Psychology, Alanna is a Student Teacher, Languages Tutor, and Volleyball Coach.

    She brings a wealth of experience in facilitating child-led experiences, having been a camp counsellor for other organizations and now applying her skillset to an outdoor focused experience.

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Please Join Us Summer 2024!

And feel free to us to reach out to us with any questions!

Guide Book