6 weeks of Regenerative Farm Camp where your child will play.. And co-working space so parents can stay. $249 per week

Learn about how and why we're regenerative farming; the carbon cycle, how soil works, how nutrients flow, how we raise animals to improve the environment and create nutritious food.

Give your kids a real positive experience of trees, plants, bugs, mud, soil, flowers, while working collaboratively on projects they'll get to take home each week.

Camp that gives your child a real sense of autonomy over their role in the future of the environment.

"Eco-anxiety" is a valid response to the real challenges kids see around them

The job of parents and caregivers isn't to make their concerns go away – it's to help channel them into action.

When children’s concerns are validated and they can see how actions, even the small ones, as part of a family or community can make a difference it restores their sense of autonomy, their ability to meaningfully impact their own future.

  • Animals Big and Small

    Be an animal investigator: Curiosity drives this week's activities as campers discover the role of all the creatures on the farm–from insects, baby chickens, beavers and even horses, we use problem solving, observation and hands on activities to investigate habitats, learn about animals-their tracks, how they communicate, look after our chicks and more.

  • Power of Plants

    Plants are used for everything from medicine to dye, fuel, & food, Campers will explore the amazing power of plants on the farm. Activities include plant identification, harvesting plants to make our own dye, food, & fibre arts. Campers will learn about regenerative farming practices, ecosystems, ways to combat climate change, reduce pollution and support biodiversity all while having fun!

  • Nature Skills & Wildcraft

    Campers in our Wildcraft week will connect with nature, and grow their eco-skills. Cook over a fire, learn about maps, wayfinding, identify important plants/animals, build a shelter & make crafts using natural materials, We will explore the woodlot & learn outdoor skills together!

  • Farm Adventure & Discovery

    Get your hands dirty and dive into farm life with this week's activities. Learn how all the parts of the farm work together. Sow seeds, help harvest, build an owl house– A little of everything the farm has to offer Campers will have fun, explore the property and experience regenerative farming at work.

  • Art & Craft on the Farm

    Imagination & creativity inspire this week's activities focused on farm inspired art. Campers will explore the farm's animals, flora & fauna, with drawing, painting and sculpture. We will find inspiration in our surroundings, study nature and reflect on our experiences using the creative process. The week's activities culminate in a mini art show.

  • Little Farmers/Tomorrow’s Farmers

    Little Farmers, learn the roles & responsibilities on a farm, animal care, planting, harvesting, & (age appropriate) tool use.

    Tomorrow's Farmers (ages 10-12) Tomorrows Farmers will participate in farm chores & maintenance. See how responsible, sustainable, regenerative  farming can combat climate change. Campers will gain hands on experience, and find empowerment in personal choices, building responsible consumption habits & an eco-positive community.

    Farm Focus activities culminate in a mini farm market where campers can see the value of their "work" all while having fun, building confidence & skills.

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Camp is based on the 5 'E's of Eco-Action



Environmental Stewardship



Safety & Quality

We operating using the Ontario Camp Association's (OCA) list of 600+ standards and are working towards OCA certification

Our staff is hired for their experience leading outdoor adventure tours, have exceptional knowledge of native fauna and flora, are CPR certified and have completed background police checks.

Parents. Work From Farm.

Want to enjoy lunches with your kids? See what they're learning? Avoid driving back and forth? Enjoy a coffee with the hens?

Stay the day in our co-working space, complete with high-speed Starlink internet, white boards, private conference room, and Breville espresso machine.

You can zoom-call in the morning and nature walk at lunch.

  • Co-Director - Eliana Witchell, R.D., MSc.

    I'm a Regsitered Dietician by trade and terribly motivated to help my clients (and my kids!) understand how and why health and longevity matters, how to achieve it through quality diet and active lifestyle, and practical ways to implement a health-focused mindset.

    My partner Andrew, and I, started Provenance Farms specifically to put our actions behind our words. We're regenerating an old farm, which 65 years ago was a construction site, to show just how simple it is to amplify the carbon cycle to generate incredibly nutrient rich food in a way that doesn't just sustain, but regenerates, the environment.

    Consider us 'ethical omnivores'. It's our goal to help our kids (and yours?) understand the process and give them a chance to discover for themselves the powerful part of the climate change solution they really are.

  • Co-Director - Andrew Witchell, MBA

    I'm deeply passionate about giving our kids a real-life foundation to underpin the incredible technology they're already experiencing.

    They'll get a sense of how they co-exist with nature in this world, and how to apply their innate creativity as future problem solvers.

    In the summers growing up, I attended athletics and computer camp. I've volunteered on the Board of Directors for our kids' parent-run daycare, and have been an active participant in their elementary school's outdoor education program.

    I've built sports, academics, and technology into my life as a cyclist, having earned my MBA, and I've been fortuante enough to contribute to teams that have built great software companies.

  • Jessica Shephard - Senior Programming Advisor & Curriculum Development

    A trained artist, educator, facilitator, food enthusiast, and parent of two.

    Since 2008 she has been providing children with safe, fun and enriching experiences in her home & community. She loves making messes and experimenting with art and natural materials, growing and foraging plants, cooking, and spends her free time camping and adventuring outdoors.

    Taking cues from Positive Parenting, Mindfulness, and Non-Violent Communication, Jessica has developed educational support, curriculum content, & hands-on kids programming for organizations including Native Child & Family Services Toronto, The Children's Storefront, Essential Skills Advantage, The Canadian Homeschooler, the Education department of the AGO, Ontario Museum of Archeology, and Arts 4 All Kids.

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