Collection: June - Flock 1 - Whole Chicken - Mobile, Pasture-Raised, and Regenerative

These chickens are mobile (as in they're moved everyday), they're pastured (moved to a new patch of organic forage pasture), and they're environmentally regenerative (they're rebuilding the soil and improving its capacity for carbon sequestration).

Three ways to a Provenance Farms Chicken...

Single whole chicken - pick your preferred size then pickup at our farm or at a local foodbank when we donate our 10%. Unfortunately, shipping won't be available for a single chicken.

Two whole chickens, at least 14 total lbs., pick up or have it shipped! Shipping calculated at checkout.

Two whole chickens, at least 14 total lbs., PLUS a broth kit and free shipping. Includes four each of feet, heart, lungs, and liver to throw into your slow-cooker along with the carcass to make your broth, as well as shipping anywhere in Ontario.

Remember, because you're farming with us, we donate 10% of all our product to foodbanks in Ontario. We have the simple belief that access to nutrient-dense food is supremely important for everyone.

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