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Open Farm Gate, Open Dialogue, and Seeking First to Understand.

Major Distraction or Highest Priority?

It’s a major distraction to our production every time people come to the farm.

AND It’s the most important thing in the world.

It’s our highest priority. We’ll clear our schedule to host you so we can understand your mindset and give you the chance to see if what we do makes sense for you and your family.

Huge Struggle On Your Part

When you put in all the effort to think about your food, how it gets to you, what to feed yourself, your family, kids, parents, friends…,
Then research farms near you.
Then read through their website, social feeds, product pages, etc.,
Then reach out to them, writing a well crafted, short but pithy, “hope we’re not bothering you”, “hope this doesn’t make me sound weird” email to see if you can invite yourself to the farm,
Then wait for a reply, sometimes anticipating a response…

Our answer is ALWAYS yes! We are that person. It’s why we started our own farm.

Sharing the Struggle and Building Community

Everything we do here is in the service of building community, sharing each other’s struggles, anxieties, problems, and figuring out solutions that take the friction out of eating well, and with good conscience.

We also know there is a continuum of personal values about the environment, social equality, animal welfare, to name just a few.

Respect for Positive Mindset, Positive Effort, and Respectful Discourse

No one’s voice shall be cancelled, we love you; your thoughts, your struggles, your anxieties, your desires, your motivations, your priors, your experiences, and most of all, your energy towards making change happen.

We have enormous respect for those who live their beliefs and work with others, in a positive and uplifting way, for positive change.

We care deeply about building positive relationship and respectful discourse for the deep and meaningful sharing of ideas and perspectives.

Thank you

We thank you for caring as deeply as you do.
Please book yourself in, we can’t wait to meet you in person.

A & E @ Provenance Farms.

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