Delivery Dilemma: Why free delivery is hard, and how we're fixing it.

Delivery Dilemma: Why free delivery is hard, and how we're fixing it.

We'll never not deliver. Here's why

We love speaking to our customers. It's why we do all our own deliveries. Holding onto the 'delivery-person' job is actually holding onto the Chief of Customer Experience role, and we'll do it as long as possible. 

Getting in-real-life face time with you to hear what you think, didn't like, what you'd change, what you'd buy that we don't yet offer, why you've switched, is worth every minute of time invested. We're deeply passionate about understanding each step of how you use our chicken, eggs, and other products, what your kids think, and how else we might help.


That said, deliveries are still hard.

They're expensive, costly on fuel, difficult to communicate clearly on status, hard to make delivery windows when bad weather strikes, difficult to plan the routes to be most efficient.


But we still need to get your order to you!

So we're being very specific about how we deliver to you. We think, in fact, it's an opportunity for you to partner with us in solving the delivery dilemma. 


The 'Dear Neighbour' Proposal:

So we'd like your help building a delivery neighborhood. Here's how that works:

We'll deliver to your door for free for the first month. During that time, if you can tell a dear neighbour of yours on the same street (or around the corner) about us, and they place an order, any order (doesn't have to be a subscription), then we'll continue to deliver to the both of you for free as well. 

Free shipping to your entire street

Here's the magic: When we get two or more deliveries to the same neighbourhood, we'll add your street as a free shipping option to our checkout processWe'll deliver to the whole street for free.

So if you have a neighbourhood facebook or WhatsApp group, and you think at least one person in your community will join you, then share this page with them, and ask them to use this coupon: DearNearestNeighbour to kickstart the process

It's a great way for you to build into your neighborhood, and for us all to minimize the cost and environmental footprint to delivering the product. 


Hybrid Delivery

We deliver in a hybrid vehicle to minimize our fuel consumption. As soon as financially viable, we intend to upgrade to a full battery electric vehicle. Every bit helps.


Farm Visits & Pickups

Of course you can always come visit the farm and bring an order back with you. We love giving you the tour and hearing your questions. But obviously that wouldn't work for everyone all the time, so deliveries it is. 



We are looking into shipping and think it could work well, especially to open up delivery to destinations outside the Greater Toronto Area. It's not something we offer at the moment, but could be a solution. 

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