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Regeneratively-Raised Chicken, On Pasture, Moved Daily, Organic Fed

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These are big chickens. 

Our chickens are mobile-pasture-raised under a mandate of transparent animal welfare, regenerative practices, and 11% of our production goes to food banks.

Learn about their welfare

Learn about how much soil this regenerates

Meant for batch cookers, family feeders, and conscious meat consumers who strive to feel great about the food they choose for their friends and family. We produce six flocks per season, available from June to November 2021. 

Delivered Frozen in the off season.


How do I get my chicken?

Due to expensive shipping prices, there are two options if you only want one chicken;

  • Come to the farm for a visit, see how your chicken lived, and take a little tour.
  • Select one of our Toronto drop off locations on checkout. We drop off at food banks and with friendly partners around the GTA.

I really want it shipped directly to me, is there a way?

Sure! If you're in Toronto, with a postal code that begins with the letter 'M', then step up to two chickens by selecting either the "Two whole chickens" or "Two whole chickens with broth kit" product and that will unlock your direct shipping options.

We are currently set up to automatically calculate shipping to Toronto as we use a Toronto-based social enterprise for our door-to-door delivery. As we partner with other shipping solutions, we'll expand our shipping locations.

If you're outside Toronto and would still like us to figure out a shipping option for you, please email us directly We can, and will, figure it out.

Reserve yours monthly: Because people might not want to buy a dozen chickens in a month, we're thinking of launching a monthly whole-chicken subscription, but till then, feel free to reserve yours each month by selecting the month and size. That way we can ship you a fresh whole, mobile, pasture-raised, regenerative, socially and animal welfare-conscious, chicken each month.


Thanks for farming with us!

We truly appreciate it. 

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