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Frozen Chicken 2022 ~ 5-6 lbs, whole

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Regeneratively-Raised Chicken, On Pasture, Moved Daily, Organic Fed

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1 Frozen Chicken delivered. Available through Winter 2022.

These 7 week-old chickens weigh approximately 4 to 5 lbs., are mobile-pasture-raised under a mandate of transparent animal welfare, regenerative practices, and 11% of our production goes to food banks.

Learn about their welfare

Learn about how much soil this regenerates

Meant for batch cookers, family feeders, and conscious meat consumers who strive to feel great about the food they choose for their friends and family. We produce 5 flocks per season, available fresh every two weeks from June to November, 2022. Then frozen between batches and in the winter season.


Upgrade to a Season Pass for 11% off.

When you subscribe, it's like you're farming with us. The more subscribers we get, the more we can plan to produce next year. Here's our roadmap of other products we're bringing, and subscribers always get early access.

Monthly subscribers get 3% off, while seasonal subscribers get a full 11% off.

Regular price per 8lb. chicken: $60

How Seasonal Pricing works:

  • 1 chicken every two weeks for 20 weeks = 10 chickens
  • 10 chickens x $60 (regular price) = $600
  • Less 11% partnership discount ($66) = $534

You're charged once, and the subscription automatically cancels once all the chickens are delivered. As a subscriber, you'll get the first chance to subscribe next season before we open subscriptions to the public. That's our commitment to you.

We're all used to small chickens. These are big chickens, why?

By raising them for up to 70 days, rather than the 28-35 days for a conventional chicken, your chicken spends up to 7 whole weeks out on pasture. This means 7 weeks of active farm-land regeneration, rather than only 1-2 weeks, were we to process them at 4-5 weeks old. This extra time on pasture is tremendously beneficial for the plants, the soil, and the animal. 


How to get free delivery.

Shipping is pretty expensive, time-consuming, and bad for the environment. BUT we still need to get your chicken to you!

So we'd like your help building a delivery neighborhood. Here's how that works:

We'll deliver to your door for free for the first month. Afterwards, if you can convince a neighbor on the same street (or around the corner) to place an order, (doesn't have to be a subscription) then we'll continue to deliver to the both of you for free as well. 

When we get two or more deliveries to the same street we'll deliver to the whole street for free and will add it to our checkout as a free delivery option. It's a great way for you to build into your neighborhood, and for us all to minimize the cost and environmental footprint to delivering the product. 

We deliver in a hybrid vehicle to minimize our fuel consumption. Every little bit helps.

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And read more about it here: The Delivery Dilemma and How We're Solving It.

Delivery Dates?

We deliver 10 times, every second Thursday from June 2nd till November 3rd, with a gap between June and July. This season, we'll have about 55 chickens ready for each delivery.

  1. June 2
  2. June 16
  3. July 21
  4. Aug 4
  5. Aug 18
  6. Sept 1
  7. Sept 15
  8. Sept 29
  9. Oct 20
  10. Nov 3

Order just one and use the delivery date picker on checkout, or subscribe for a chicken every two weeks


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