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Care-fully Raised Thanksgiving Chicken - Mobile, Pastured, & Regenerative

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They were well cared for. 

We carefully raise a flock about 10 days longer which results in an extra large chicken, especially for Thanksgiving, as many of you have told us you'd rather a large chicken than a whole turkey.

These chickens were raised from April to June 2021, were air-chilled then immediately frozen. They will be delivered frozen and are in excellent condition for roasting for your Thanksgiving dinner.

You'll want to let them thaw at least a full day in your refrigerator prior to roasting.

Our chickens are mobile-pasture-raised under a mandate of transparent animal welfare, regenerative practices, and 10% of our production goes to food banks.

Learn about their welfare

Learn about how much soil this regenerates

How do I get my thanksgiving chicken?

There are three options;

  • Come to the farm for a visit, see how your chicken lived, and take a little tour.
  • Select one of our Toronto drop off locations on checkout. We drop off at food banks and with friendly partners around the GTA.
  • Direct to-your-door delivery for a 17$ fee, or free when you order 300$ or more.


Thanks for farming with us!

We truly appreciate it. 

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