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Care-fully Raised Bronze Thanksgiving Turkey - Pastured, Regenerative, and Mobile

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Care-fully Raised, Outdoors

These are some of the only Bronze Turkeys raised outside on pasture available in Ontario. 

50 turkeys is the maximum number allowable to be raised without falling under the Turkey Farmers of Ontario system. Anymore and we would be required to raise them indoors for their entire life. 

As such, you can be certain that typical store bought turkeys (even Organic Certified) will have been barn-raised indoors for the last 10-14 or so weeks.

Your beautiful Bronze Turkeys have been raised outside for the last 11 weeks of their 14 week time with us.

How we move them

Organic Feed with high protein 'treats'

They've been fed a full organic certified high protein feed to supplement their foraging from our fields of multispecies cover-crops, host to additional protein sources such as bugs, frogs, and snakes.

Instinct and Exercise

They have ample room to run, and they're provided a 'mobile tree house' as shelter and to meet their instinctive need to roost up high in a tree branch at night.

Our desire is to provide for them to express their entire range of instinctual behaviour.

Pastured, Mobile, Regenerative

While we've raised them for you, they're moved to fresh pasture often, and while there they've scratched, pecked, fertilized, foraged, and regenerated the soil ecosystem.

Delivered Fresh

Their 'one bad day' so-to-speak will be on Wednesday, October 6th., 2021, and they'll be available to pick up in time for Thanksgiving at the farm, or for delivery, between Woodstock, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, to East Toronto on Thursday October 7th. 2021.

Five for Food Banks

As we donate 10% of all our product to food banks in Ontario, we've reserved 5 of our 50 turkeys to help provide for an excellent and nutritious thanksgiving dinner. You will have contributed to dozens of thanksgiving meals for those who wouldn't otherwise have been able to enjoy one.

Thanks for farming with us.

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