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June - Flock 1 - TWO Whole Chickens, Beautiful Broth Kit, & Free shipping to Toronto - Mobile, Pasture Raised & Regenerative, Organic Fed

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TWO big bountiful whole chickens

A beautiful broth kit

with free shipping anywhere in Toronto (postal code begins with 'M')

Why two? because they're big, heavy, fresh, and expensive to ship, especially next day, so it's not worth it to buy just one, or even driving out for just one. If it's just too much, consider sharing with friends and family!

Each order is for two whole chickens, weighing at least 14 lbs. total.

Raised to be over 7lbs each on average, you're buying two mobile-pasture-raised under a mandate of transparent animal welfare, regenerative practice, and 10% to food banks.

Tell me about this Broth Kit??

All the extras to add to collagen, vitamins and minerals, fat and flavour to your favorite broth recipe.

  • Four chicken feet
  • two livers
  • two gizzards
  • two hearts

Meant for batch cookers, family feeders, and conscious meat consumers who strive to feel great about the food they choose for their friends and family. We produce six flocks per season, available from June to November 2021. 

Free shipping?

Yes. We know paying extra for shipping always feels gross. If you're in Toronto we've thrown it in. We use a social-enterprise shipping service in the Toronto area. As we sign up shipping partners, we'll expand the free shipping offer.


10% to food banks?

Your purchase of just two chickens allows us to donate to food banks enough for 8 high quality protein meals and another 13 bowls of soup.

This makes you part of the team contributing to delivering at least 1440 meals and 2400 bowls of soup this year, just from our chicken production. More when you factor in our egg and turkey donations.

See the June 2021 flock here.

Learn about their welfare

Learn about how much soil this regenerates

Learn about how many food bank meals this provides


    Reserve yours monthly: Because people might not want to buy a dozen chickens in a month, we're thinking of launching a monthly whole-chicken subscription.

    Till then, feel free to reserve yours each month by selecting the month and size. That way we can ship you fresh whole, mobile, pasture-raise, regenerative, socially and animal welfare conscious, chicken each month.

    Thank you for farming with us!

    We truly appreciate it.


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