What do you mean 'proof'?

If you're like us, we love that we can talk to our farmers directly at the local farmer's market, and we've generated great relationships with our favorite local butchers.

Sometimes though, we want to go really deep on how exactly the animals we're buying lived.

At Provenance Farms, we want you to feel like you can actually vouch for your food.

You can look your friends and family right in the eye and tell them, without an ounce of doubt, that the chicken you've chosen to BBQ for them lived 63 days, 41 of them outside, was moved to fresh pasture each of those outside days, and given fresh feed and water multiple times each day.

You can even show them exactly where right here on your phone.

Instagram and Facebook posts are great and all, but provenance really matters, so we track and share everything from their first day to their 'one bad one', and want you to be able to see for yourself.

We don't every want you to have to take our word for it.

Season 2021

Chickens Flock 1 - 67 days from April 19, 2020 - June 25, 2021